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Cookies policy

SLOGANGROUP ADVERTISING S.L. headline of, uses cookies with the purposes listed bellow.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a little file that downloads in you computer or any other devise (smartphone, tablet, etc.) that you use when you visit Among other purposes, the cookies allow you to personalize the content in which you access and they let us obtain statistics to improve our services, the user’s experience and also to offer advertising.

In general, a lot of criteria can be used to classify the cookies, depending on who manages them (own or third parties), the period of time during which activities remain (session or persistent) or it’s finality (technic, of customization, of analysis, etc.). Finally/In the latter case, depending on the specific purpose, they may or may not require the user’s consent.

Down bellow, it is explained in general terms the cookies that may be in a way that allows us to later understand what cookies are used in

Whose are they? Own They would be the ones that, in your case, would be sent to your devise from a computer or domain managed by Slogangroup Advertising S.L.
Third parties They would be the ones that, in you case, sent other entities, such as Google in the case of Google Analytics cookies.
For how long do they remain activated? Of session They collect and store data during the user's session, such as to provide a service. They are deleted when the session ends.
Persistent The data collected through the use of the cookie remain stored for a period of time that can be minutes or even years.
What is its purpose? They do not require user consent
Technics They are necessary so that the browsing through the website you visit is possible, so that it corks properly.
Customization or configuration They are used to customize or configure the presentation of the website that the user visits recognizing their language, font size, etc.
Security They are used to prevent or hinder attacks against the website, web page and/or users.
They require user consent
Analytics They are used to measure the user activity when visiting the website or web page and to develop navigation statistics in order to improve service, information, etc.
Advertise them They serve to manage the frequency and content of the advertising shown.
Of follow up They serve to show personalized advertising.

What cookies are used in SloganGroup Advertising S.L.?

Specifically, at Slogangroup Advertising S.L., it uses the following cookies, both its own and those of third parties:

Own Cookies
Type Purpose Activation time More information
Third party Cookies
Type Purpose Activation time More information

Management and deactivation or deletion of cookies:

Except from the Slogangroup Advertising S.L. cookies, which are necessary to be able to browser in; as regards the analytical and advertising cookies indicated above, at any time you will be able to exercise your right to deactivate or delete cookies installed on your computer or device by configuring the browser options you use.

Depending on the browser you are using, the way in which you can delete, disable or block the cookies will vary. In this regard, you can consult the following links of the main browsers where you can find more information:

Queries and more information about cookies:

If you have any query about this Cookies Policy you can address to

And if you wish to obtain more information about the cookies, you can consult the Guide about the use of the cookies of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection (AEPD), prepared along with several sector associations.